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Salads prepared with a small number of vegetables can make a meal rich in nutrients. Green vegetables provide you with sufficient amount of iron, potassium, calcium and B vitamins. Additionally, ingredients like sweet peppers, tomatoes etc. are rich in antioxidants. That's why Apollo Life Studio proudly presents GARDEN CAFÉ, one of the healthy restaurants in Hyderabad, where you can taste assorted platters of salads rich in vitamins and minerals. If you're still thinking about having salads, here're some more benefits.

  •   High fibre salads help to reduce cholesterol and avert constipation.
  •   Beginning your meal with salads can help you achieve your weight loss goals. That's because salads are nutrient-rich, low in calories and high in fibre. Fibre gives you a feeling of fullness, thus making you consume the remaining meal in lesser quantity.
  •   Eating a small amount of good fat with the vegetables present in salads seems to help you to absorb protective phyto-chemicals, which protects you from heart disease and cancer.
Now, when you're aware of the health benefits of salads, rush to Apollo Life Studio's GARDEN CAFÉ – your ultimate destination for healthy food, at Jubilee Hills and Kavuri Hills.