Main Course

Main Courses


The main course - either veg or non-veg, is the most important part of a day's most crucial meal. It is the primary item on the menu of a meal that follows a multi-course format. Typically, it is the most substantive and complex item on the menu and usually features vegetables or meat together with starch accompaniments. Dining at GARDEN CAFÉ, the preferred café in Jubilee Hills and Kavuri Hills for health conscious people, can be an interesting experience as we've designed the preceding courses in such a manner that would make you prepared for the main course, which is widely considered as the gastronomic apex of your meal.

At GARDEN CAFÉ, one of the healthy restaurants in Hyderabad, our main courses are typically preceded by light starters like salads or soups and followed by low-calorie desserts. However, if you need a more structured meal, many additional courses can be arranged as well. For instance, a fruit course or a fish course can be incorporated in accordance with your preference.