Juices & Smoothies



Smoothies are concentrated shake-type drinks full of vegetables, fruits and other nutrient-rich ingredients. You can have them as a snack or as a meal. Apart from nutrients, best smoothies should contain sufficient amount of oils and vitamins. Additionally, fat is needed for your body's biological functions and thus smoothies should contain at least some dietary fat as well. At GARDEN CAFÉ, one of the highly acclaimed healthy restaurants in Hyderabad, we take utmost care of all these factors and prepare our smoothies so that you can get the additional nutrition you require in a simple yet delicious form. Here are some reasons why you should have smoothies on a regular basis.

  •   Smoothies are much healthier options compared to other vegetable or fruit juices. When the juices are prepared, you get minerals and vitamins but no fibre. Smoothies are prepared from whole vegetables / fruits so that you get everything in your drink.
  •   Though most people like fruits, many face trouble in meeting daily nutrition requirements from vegetables. In our smoothies, the taste of fruits become prominent over the taste of veggies, so that you are unable to notice the presence of vegetables, especially the ones you dislike but which contain healthy nutrients essential for your body.

Protein Shake


In case you’re a fitness buff, perhaps you already know the key benefits of protein shake. Conventionally considered as a drink for bodybuilders, it has now become a popular drink amongst people who want to improve their diet and reach their fitness goals. The protein which is widely used in protein shakes generally comes from whey. Regardless of the goals, protein is considered as a cardinal nutrient of any fitness development program. That’s why we’ve introduced different kinds of protein shakes at GARDEN CAFÉ – one of the best healthy restaurants in Hyderabad. Here’re some more health benefits of protein shakes.

  •   Muscle building: Regardless of the nature of your workout, your muscle tissues are ripped and need to be re-developed to help you sport those bulky muscles. Protein shakes aid the rebuilding process. Unlike protein intake via food, you can control your protein intake with protein shakes, thus giving your body just what it needs.
  •   Weight control: You can use protein shakes as a meal replacement to regulate your calorie and fat intake that greatly benefits weight management. As most of the protein powders contain controlled portions of fat, calories, carbohydrates and protein, you don’t need to worry about portion control.

You just need to visit GARDEN CAFÉ – the healthiest café in Jubilee Hills and Kavuri Hills and start enjoying the benefits of protein shakes.

Fresh Fruit Juices


Fresh fruit juices are filled with nutrients. During the process of juicing, the liquids get separated from the fibre, thus resulting in a thick blend of colour and flavour together with minerals and protective compounds. At GARDEN CAFÉ, one of the leading, health-friendly café in Jubilee Hills, we prepare juices only from fresh fruits to keep the nutrients absolutely intact. Apart from giving you instant energy, fresh fruit juices provide you with the following benefits.

  •   It is said that if you start the day with fresh juice, it helps you attain your weight loss goals.
  •   Fruit juices make your skin look more hydrated, smooth and clear.
  •   The juices help in better functionality of your digestive system by cleansing your stomach, kidneys and intestines.
  •   Juices aid to strengthen your immune system by providing it with adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals.
  •   Since juices help to maintain cholesterol levels, the risk of heart attacks can be reduced.

If you want to taste a variety of delicious fresh fruit juices, visit GARDEN CAFÉ – one of the premier cafés in Jubilee Hills and Kavuri Hills, today.

Veg Juices


Fruit juices are absolutely delicious but when it comes to juicing vegetables, most people simply shy away from it. The main reason behind this is vegetables don’t contain sugar like the fruits and thus veg juices aren’t as tasty as fruit juices. If you too belong to this league, it’s time to change your mind and start reaping the benefits of veggies. At GARDEN CAFÉ, one of the leading healthy restaurants in Hyderabad, we prepare veg juices in such a manner that you’ll simply fall in love with them. Here’re some health benefits of veg juices that’ll inspire you to taste them without any hesitation:

  •   Better nutrient absorption: Drinking veg juices ensures that your body absorbs all the required nutrients. Unlike eating the veggies where the body needs to separate nutrients from fibre, veg juices ensure that your body obtains an easy access to those nutrients.
  •   High nutrient levels: A numbers of servings of various vegetables can easily fit in just one cup of veg juice. Hence, drinking a cup of veg juice provides your body with high nutrient levels which in turn aid you to stay healthy.

Simply put, veg juices are kind of saviours for your beauty and health concerns. If you too think the same, come to GARDEN CAFÉ, the leading healthy café in Jubilee Hills, and savour your preferred veg juices.

Hot Drinks


While there is no alternative to water, you can have hot beverages to sip and savour to break the monotony. Yes, we’re mainly pointing at tea and coffee which are the most consumed beverages across the globe. At GARDEN CAFÉ, the renowned café in Jubilee Hills and Kavuri Hills, we serve various kinds of teas and coffee that you can enjoy to the fullest. We also serve decaf coffee and decaf teas which are free of caffeine but provide antioxidants in high levels. Here are some benefits of drinking hot tea and coffee, which would surely tempt you to step inside our café:

  •   Possibly reduced risk of dementia: The caffeine in tea and coffee has been proved to stimulate brain activity but according to recent studies, the caffeine may protect you against Alzheimer’s disease and dementia as well.
  •   Defence against cancer and liver disease: Coffee is rich in antioxidants, which aid to neutralize the free radicals that can trigger degradation of cells and contribute to some kinds of cancers. These antioxidants may also lower the possibility of liver cancer.

If you’re still thinking of avoiding hot beverages, simply come to GARDEN CAFÉ which is considered as one of the healthy restaurants in Hyderabad and experience the delicious varieties on offer for yourself.

Soft Beverages

Soft beverages are non-alcoholic drinks that normally contain carbonated water, sweetening agents and flavouring agents. Sometimes, they may contain caffeine or fruit juice as well. While it’s a fact that regular consumption of soft beverages may be detrimental for your health, intake at moderate levels may provide some benefits too. At GARDEN CAFÉ, the preferred café in Jubilee Hills and Kavuri Hills for many, we offer an assorted platter of soft beverages for you to enjoy. Here’re some benefits of soft beverages that you should consider.

  •   Presence of sodium: Sodium is one of the fundamental ingredients of soft beverages. It helps to maintain calcium level in our blood and stimulate adrenal glands. It is also highly beneficial for muscle contraction.
  •   Carbonated water: Like sodium, carbonated water is also a primary ingredient of soft beverages. It provides lots of benefits to the gastrointestinal tract. Carbonated water is used to treat stomach upsets and constipation. It’s also useful for treating nausea.

We, the team of nutritionists at GARDEN CAFÉ which is one of the healthy restaurants in Hyderabad, believe that less is more when it comes to soft beverages. So, visit us to enjoy your favourite soft beverage, albeit at moderate levels.